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Learn more about Dance Little Red and Dance Big Red Dancers, Committee Members & Executive Committee Chairs.

Dance Little Red

Dance Big Red is honored to work in partnership with currently two high schools in Warren County to facilitate their 'mini' dance events. We look to grow that number in 2018!

Similar to DBR, high school students raise money for Norton Children's Hospital, learn the DBR Mini Line Dance, meet local Norton Children's Hospital families, and participate in other exciting activities during the three-four hour event! Hosting a mini dance event is an excellent way to empower students to promote positive change within their community, as well as to teach students the value of philanthropy in an engaging way.

We are excited to announce 5 high schools will participate this year including South Warren, Greenwood, Warren East, Warren Central and Breathitt County. The links are listed below for each school.

South Warren High School

Greenwood High School

Dance Little Red – Warren East High School

Dance Little Red – Warren Central High School

Dance Little Red – Breathitt County High School

If you would like any information on how DBR can assist at your high school's Dance Little Red or if you have any questions on how to get started, please contact Dana Matukas, Norton Children's Hospital at You will be connected to the Dancer Relations Executives/Committee to provide direct support!

This year, our High School Dance Little Reds raised nearly$10K– all for the children at the Norton Children's Hospital!

Dance Big Red

Dance Big Red is a great way to get involved on campus at WKU and make a difference for the children at Norton Children's Hospital.  Dance Big Red is a student-led/dance fundraising event held each Spring. 


Dancers are the heart and core of DBR. They stand for 12 hours at DBR while participating in games, activities, listening to Norton Children's Hospital family stories, eating, and learning more about DBR. Dancing is a great way to get involved on campus!  Event registration is open to all WKU students, faculty and staff.

Committee Members

Committee members work year-round to plan and spread awareness about DBR and Norton Children's Hospital. DBR is comprised of 8 committees that allow people to become even more invested in the DBR family.Committee members must have previously danced in DBR. Highlights below regarding committee information and link to apply.

Current Committees

  • Public Relations & Promotion
  • Dancer Relations
  • Fundraising
  • Sponsorship
  • Catering
  • Morale
  • Event Operations
  • Family & Hospital Relations

To apply for a committee position please click below:

Executive Committee Chairs

Executive Chairs lead each DBR Committee. Each executive is responsible for a committee.  Becoming an executive is a great way to gain more leadership experience and continue to help DBR grow and impact Norton Children's Hospital. Look out for more information about becoming an executive after DBR 2018.

Meet our current Executives

Overall Co-Chairs

  • Johnny Mollman
    Hello! My name is Johnny Mollman, and I will be serving as one of the two overall co-chairs for Dance Big Red 2018. I'm a Biochemistry major from Northern Kentucky, and I’ll be a junior on the hill this fall. I love coffee & books & dogs & socks with sandals, and of course, the Tops. I have been a part of Dance Big Red since my freshman year on campus, and as a tiny little freshman I was in awe of the impact a group of college students could make, and I was speechless when the fundraising total was revealed. I knew then that I wanted and needed to be a part of Dance Big Red to make it bigger and better every year. I am so excited to help lead an organization like this that I care so much about, and you can bet that this year will be the best DBR yet.

  • Justin Downey
    My name is Justin Downey, and I serve as one of the overall co-chairs for Dance Big Red. I first joined the DBR team last year as a member of the executive board, with a desire to work with my university and be able to give back to my hometown of Louisville. I love Dance Big Red because it allows anyone and everyone to get involved, our motto of "Bad Dancing Saves Lives" includes people like me with two left feet, and people who have danced their whole lives. I dance for my friends and family back in Louisville who have been impacted by Norton's Children's hospital, in support of the amazing work they continue to provide for children and young adults.

Public Relations & Promotion

  • Braden VanMeter
    Hello everyone, my name is Braden VanMeter and I am currently one of the Public Relations chair's for Dance Big Red! I am responsible for running the social media accounts, as well as creating graphics and promotional videos for the event. I'm currently a Junior at WKU studying advertising with a minor in graphic design. I have been a part of Dance Big Red since my freshman year on the hill, so it has introduced me to so many new people and has made me grow not only as a person, but has helped me emerge as a leader as well. I love Dance Big Red because it's a way to meet so many different people on campus, and you get to help so many children and families at Norton Children's Hospital on the way!

  • Jordan Tackett
    I’m currently a sophomore at WKU. I study business economics and am a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. It’s easy in college to become self-absorbed, constantly worrying about yourself and your future. I love working with Dance Big Red because it gives me a chance to serve others and give back to a cause much larger than myself.


  • Rachel Baas
    My name is Rachel Baas, and I am a Junior here at WKU! My major is nursing. When I graduate, I plan to work as a travel nurse and see the world! I am part of Dance Big Red because it allows me to combine two of my passions (the medical field and service) into one organization. 


Dancer Relations

  • Jacob Cash
    My name is Jacob Cash and I will be serving as one of the two Dancer Relations Chairs for Dance Big Red. I am a sophomore studying Healthcare Administration with a minor in Military Science. I am a proud brother of Phi Delta Theta where I serve as the campus activities chairperson. I am from Thompson’s Station, TN. I chose to become involved with this committee last year, and I am excited to take on a leadership role and can’t wait to get started on Dance Big Red 2018 this fall! Go Tops!



  • Hannah Vander Veen
    My name is Hannah, and I am currently a senior at WKU studying psychology with a minor in Marketing and Clinical and Behavioral Health! I am a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, and have enjoyed attending Dance Big Red the past two years! I chose to volunteer for this committee because I was able to witness great things DBR can do and the benefit if brings to Norton Children’s Hospital the past two years, and I wanted to be a part of it! T-O-P-S TOPS TOPS TOPS!


  • Brittany Haskins
    Hi, my name is Brittany Haskins. I am a sophomore at WKU and currently participating in my second year as a member of Dance Big Red. I am majoring in Exercise Science with an intention on furthering my career as a pediatric Physical Therapist. On my free time, I enjoy watching Netflix and playing soccer. This year, I am on the executive board for the Fundraising Committee. I enjoy being a part of DBR because I love seeing how our hard work and dedication pays off in helping the sick children at Norton's Children's Hospital. It's a phenomenal feeling knowing that the money we raise is going towards an amazing cause. A fun fact about me is that being a part of this organization and seeing hands on how grateful the families and children are with us helping raise money for the hospital is what steered me towards deciding I want to become a pediatric Physical Therapist. I love helping children in any way that I possibly can, so this is all such an amazing experience for me!

  • Rachel Lucas
    Hi, my name is Rachel Lucas! I am from Louisville, KY and I am a senior at WKU. This year I am serving as one of Dance Big Red’s fundraising chairs! I am super excited to be apart of Dance Big Red because it presents an opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life!

  • Jonathan Greene
    Hey! My name is Jonathan Greene and I’m from Lexington, even though I now consider BG to be a second home for me. Some random facts about me: I love listening to Grouplove and James Bay, drinking coffee, and biking! I am a junior studying biology and chemistry. The plan is to go to medical school; however, I have no idea what kind of physician I want to be. I love DBR because it has a direct impact on the lives of so many children—children who are a lot stronger and braver than I am. Instead of waiting until I become a doctor, I see DBR as a way to increase the health and livelihood of these children now. That is why I decided to be one of the fundraising committee chairs. Hope to see you at DBR 2018!


  • Paige Priest
    Hi! My name is Paige Priest and I am a sophomore at WKU this year. My major is Exercise Science and I'm working towards a career as an Occupational Therapist. My hobbies include kayaking and petting dogs! This is my second year in Dance Big Red and this year I am a co-leader for the Sponsorship Committee. I am involved with Dance Big Red to raise money for all the past, present, and future kids and families at Norton's. These families deserve our support and need to know that in their most difficult times they are not alone. I love Dance Big Red because it is amazing to see young people come together for people they have never met and make such a huge difference!
  • Logan Carrol
    Hi, my name is Logan Carroll and I am one of the sponsorship chairs of Dance Big Red's executive team! I got involved in Dance Big Red because who doesn't like to help save lives by dancing for 12 hours with your friends?! I also have a personal connection with Norton Children's hospital. When I was 7 days old I had open heart surgery at Norton Children's hospital. The surgeons, nurses, and the whole staff of Norton are part of the reason that I am living the life I am living today. Dance Big Red helps me thank them for all they have done and allows me to help children who have similar stories to me.


  • Matthew Puckett
    Hey, my name’s Matthew Puckett and I'm a sophomore here at Western Kentucky University. I am majoring in Financial Management and Planning, as well as a member of the fraternity Phi Delta Theta. The reason I am apart of Dance Big Red is because I personally have known people impacted by cancer and want to take any opportunity I can to help others in their fight against it.

  • Destiny Pippin
    Howdy y'all! I'm Destiny, most people refer to me as D. Pipp! I'm homegrown here in BG and love being a Hilltopper! I'm an Elementary Education and Special Education major, a Kappa Delta here on campus, I'm also apart of ASCD, and the Topprep program! I am so excited to work with every one of you this year as the Catering Chair as we hit and EXCEED our goals for Dance Big Red as it is near and dear to my heart having spent many days and weeks in a another local children's hospital. Get ready for LOTS of food and a whole lot of FUN!


  • Heather Duke
    My name is Heather and I am one of the morale chairs for Dance Big Red this year! I am a senior studying Psychological Sciences and American Sign Language. I'm currently in the works of applying to graduate schools for Occupational Therapy. I have been involved with DBR since my freshman year, which was the first year of DBR. I have always loved giving back to others. However, last summer, I worked at a summer camp for children with medical disabilities, and realized my passion for working with them. This is when I finally understood why I'm so passionate about DBR. I can't wait to see how successful the event will be this year!
  • Kelsey Humpert
    Hey y'all, I'm Kelsey Humpert and I will be serving Dance Big Red as one of the Morale chairs. I am a senior from NKY who is studying Elementary Education and American Sign Language. I chose to get involved with DBR my sophomore year because I love kids and dancing, especially bad dancing! Since participating my first year my love for this organization and its cause continues to grow. Getting other people involved and excited to help kids who need it most is something I'm very passionate about. I am excited to help DBR grow in the coming year!!

  • Daniel Correll
    Hello, my name is Daniel Correll and I am a Senior at Western Kentucky University. I am from Jackson, KY and am studying to become a Special Education Teacher. This is my second year being one of the Morale Chairs and is my third year of being involved with Dance Big Red! I dance for those who can't in the hopes of one day, they can! I myself was a patient at a children's hospital in Lexington, Ky and had a spinal fusion surgery at 16 years old. Had I not been able to have the surgery I did, I wouldn't be able to do things that I can today. For that, I am forever thankful for the doctors and support children's hospitals receive. Being a part of Dance Big Red is my way of giving back to children's hospitals for everything they have done for me. Being part of the Morale committee allows myself, as well as others, to contribute to this great cause by keeping everyone motivated, upbeat, and wanting to strive to make an impact on the hospital. Morale is the largest committee in the overall committee and helps spread the word of the cause and achieve the goals of the overall organization both on campus and in local high schools. If you enjoy motivating others, having a great time, and just making people happy and welcome, I hope to see you apply for Dance Big Red and become part of the Morale Committee! Look forward to hopefully meeting you this school year and as always, Roll Tops!!! #JFK

Event Operations

  • Megan Steinkamp
    My name is Megan Steinkamp, I am a senior at WKU majoring in Exercise Science and Public Health. I joined the DBR executive 3 year ago because I have a passion helping the children at Norton's Children Hospital. Through the past three years I have fallen more in love with the children and families I meet. I can't wait for this year’s 12-hour event!

  • Sarah Price
    I'm Sarah Price and serve as one of the three Operations/Organization Chairs! I am a senior from Somerset, KY majoring in Biology and minoring in American Sign Language. After college I plan to attend medical school, and my future patients are one of the many reasons I dance. I've been involved with Dance Big Red since it began 3 years ago and I've loved dancing every year for the kiddos at Norton's. I'm amazed at how much DBR has grown in the past 4 years and I'm so excited to help DBR continue growing this year!

  • Ally Taylor
    Hi, my name is Ally Taylor. I am serving on the 2017-2018 executive board of Dance Big Red as an Events Operation chair. I am so excited to serve this upcoming year and I cannot wait to see how we raise the bar; the possibilities are endless! Dance Big Red has a special place in my heart; when I was 14, my dad had open heart surgery. There are several kids that have open heart surgeries and I feel like I can relate with the families, because I have been in their shoes. Dance Big Red allows me to give back and help other families that have been in the same situation as mine.

Family & Hospital Relations

  • Sarah Schaefer
    Hi! I'm Sarah, I'm the family relations executive. I dance for those, like my brother, who were positively impacted by Norton Children's Hospital. I love Dance Big Red because I know what it’s like to have someone so close to you in that situation; I understand the impact that we can make on these kids and families on a personal level, and I love being a part of that. I love participating in Dance Big Red because I get to see the children and how they are directly impacted by our fundraising!

  • Kayla Geistman
    I’m Kayla, and I am a junior from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee studying psychology. I first became interested in Dance Big Red when I participated in it last year with my Sigma Kappa sisters. I love Dance Big Red because it is more than staying up all night dancing. We stay up to get just a glimpse into what it is like for the doctors who operate on these children. We stay up to get an idea of what those children go through day in and day out. We dance for those who can’t. This may be my first year on the executive board for DBR but I am so excited to see what the future holds for this organization.
DBR Brittany