Fundraising for the Bike to Beat Cancer

When you sign up to participate in the Bike to Beat Cancer, you commit to helping make a difference for the thousands of people in the community touched by cancer each year. This means raising funds that will help with prevention and early detection initiatives, survivorship and clinical research at Norton Cancer Institute.

Riders commit to raising at least $400, while survivors who are riding commit to raising at least $100. Those who raise $1,000 or more become a Champion, receiving a special jersey and wristband to wear the day of the ride.

The following are some ways in which you can raise funds. Remember: if you don’t ask, no one will give..

  • Think about why or for whom you are doing the Bike to Beat Cancer
  • Personalize your profile page with information about why you are participating. Share your photo, your story, your triumphs. Go to Participant center and upload your contacts from your personal email. Let people know what and why you are supporting local cancer efforts.
  • Send an e-mail to your friends and family, asking them to make an online donation. (To do this, log in to your personal profile page and follow the directions.)
  • Send a letter or handwritten note to people, along with copies of the donation form that can be found online
  • What do you like to do? Incorporate that into your fundraising by holding a fundraising party and asking people to sponsor you. Examples: Hold a Texas Hold ‘em or Corn Hole tournament with your friends; hold a dog or car wash; host a chili cook-off; hold a yard sale
  • Be creative!

Tips for asking for support

  • Don’t ask for $10. Ask big and you will get better results.
  • Ask for $75 and you’ll probably get it or $25. This puts you closer to your goal.
  • Put it in perspective: To make a $50 donation, have a two cups of coffee at home each week instead of going to a coffee house.

Donations can be made over time online. The Bike to Beat Cancer website lets you break up a donation to make it easier on your wallet: $10 a month for five months.

Remember: You never know who has been touched by cancer.

For fundraising assistance, call (502) 629-8159 or email


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