Chili's® Clip for Kids 2018

Should it stay or should it go?
Should it stay or should it go?

Team Molly's Hair Goes

 Donate on this page if you would like to see Molly shave her head!

Earlier this year Pam Wilder, Kay Schaftlein and I met with Julie Kruer from Norton Children's Hospital and the Children's Miracle Network to discuss our partnership for the first quarter donations. While we were talking, Julie mentioned the "Clips for Kids" event in May. Before I could help myself, I said "I will do that, I will TOTALLY shave my head!" Thinking that if I got enough donations I would do it...but how much is my hair worth to me? I started asking around, some people said they would do it for $200 others thought more around $8,000 or more. (wow)

I continued to make my plans and try to recruit other members of the management team (even a few who didn't have much hair TO SHAVE, not naming names...) and discovered that this is apparently a big deal.

Who knew?

When Jerry McMahan and my mother found out my plan, you would have thought I had announced I had become a Cardinal fan! "Absolutely not!" they both screamed.

Alrighty then! I guess my parents have forgotten I was not the obedient child. A new idea was formed and has potential to raise more money for kids with cancer than my original plan (if they REALLY want to see me keep it).

Here is how you can help: Join one of the teams, Team Shave it! or Team Save it! Or donate to either team.

Whichever team raises the most money, is the team that wins!

Because no family should have to travel to find the best possible cancer care, Chili's Clip for Kids benefits kids in our community.

Every day, Norton Children’s Hospital cares for kids with cancer. Our nationally recognized oncology staff fights alongside our youngest cancer patients and their families to provide care, hope and compassion. In order to work toward a cure and expand support for families, we need the help of our community. Here’s your chance!

Chili's Clip for Kids challenges participants to raise funds in return for shaving, trimming or clipping their hair in solidarity with kids fighting cancer at Norton Children’s Hospital.

Every dollar raised goes directly to cancer care right here at home, at Norton Children’s Hospital. For more information, call (502) 629-8060.

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