Fundraising Tips

You’re registered. You’ve set a fundraising goal. Now, how do you reach it?

Set a Goal and a Stretch Goal

Setting a goal is the first step to success. Setting a stretch goal (one that's just a little bigger than your regular goal) can help motivate you even more. And, the sooner you start fundraising, the faster you'll reach your goal.

Remember:  People can’t donate to your cause if they don’t know about it. Set up your personal fundraising page online and share the link through email, Facebook, Twitter and any other way you can! Ask anyone and everyone to help you reach your fundraising goal for Norton Children’s Hospital.

Share Your Story

Make your personal fundraising page all about you! Tell people why you're walking whether it's because of a personal experience or because you want to support someone you care about.

Get Digital

Use your personal web page to create an email campaign, send thank you messages and track your donations. Include the link to your personal fundraising page in all of your outgoing emails and encourage people to go online and donate.

Be Specific

Let donors know that any gift no matter the size will make a big difference in the lives of our patients and families.

Double Your Dollars

Many employers offer matching gift programs that could double your contribution. Think about it: if you make a $100 donation, it could become $200 if your employer matches it! Double contributions faster by asking coworkers to sponsor you and get their gifts doubled. Be sure to ask all of your supporters if their employers match gifts and make sure they get their gifts doubled, too!

Get Creative

Hold a bake sale, garage sale, car wash, dog wash or lemonade stand to start raising funds. Use your imagination to think of creative ways to fundraise.

Motivate Your Team

Send weekly emails to encourage and recognize individual or team fundraising accomplishments.

Put the Social in Social Media

Use the power of your Facebook friends to raise more money. Share your personal fundraising page and ask your friends to both give and share your personal fundraising page. When you receive a donation from someone you know on Facebook or Twitter, post a thank you and tag the donor.

Have a Strategy

Use the following formula to raise $350 in just one week:

Day 1: Sponsor yourself for $25 
Day 2: Ask four family members to sponsor you for $25 each 
Day 3: Ask five friends to contribute $10 each 
Day 4: Ask five coworkers to give $10 each 
Day 5: Ask five neighbors to sponsor you for $10 each 
Day 6: Ask your employer for a company gift of $50 
Day 7: Ask one local business (your hairdresser, dry cleaner, etc.) for $25 
Day 8: Thank all of your generous donors for their support

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